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Checking for Roof Damage after a Storm in Nebraska

Nebraska has a wide-range of weather including high wind, heavy rain, hail storms or tornadoes that can cause all types of property damage, roof damage, gutter damage, siding damage and water damage. After a storm it’s important to do a complete inspection of the property.

Even if the storm doesn’t cause enough damage to replace your roof, contact Compass Roofing to inspect for roof damage from:

  • Hail
  • Heavy Rain
  • Wind
  • Other Natural Disasters

When reviewing the damage, Compass Roofing will document any issues and work with your insurance company as well as a knowledgeable contractor as you fix any problems.

Compass Roofing – Nebraska’s Insurance Claims Expert

Compass Roofing will look over your roof, interior attic for leaks and water damage. If the experts at Compass Roofing identify problems water stains on the ceiling or walls, you may need roof repairs or replacement.

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How Can a Homeowner Identify Storm Damage from the Ground?

  • Homeowners should look for missing pieces including: shingles, metal pieces displaced from your chimney, exhaust pipes conditions, and outer edges/angles where the roof and walls meet.
  • If you identify that a tree has fallen on your roof, stay outside your home until the Compass Roofing professionals can determine the structural damage that may have occurred.
  • Not only can hail cause roof damage but siding damage, gutter damage and window damage as well. Hail damage can range from large holes to small dimples.
  • Compass Roofing wants to remind you that the most important thing to do is to stay safe. Do not check roof damage yourself – contact the professionals at Compass Roofing.

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Let one of Compass Roofing’s trained professionals thoroughly inspect your property for damage as well as conduct a full forensic evaluation and documentation if damage is present. This will provide you with visual confirmation to begin the claim process.